• Vintage 2013 update

    Vintage 2013 update

    Well we’ve picked all the whites, and they’re looking really good! One of the best crops we’ve ever had, actually. Small amounts, but great flavours – and as you know we’re all about quality over quantity! (We average 1 tonne to the acre, while your typical irrigation district vines will crop at 10-15 tonnes / acre.)

    We had 50ml of rain in the middle of it, but it hasn’t had much effect – which shows how dry it has been! The top Chardonnay did end up a little sweeter than we would have liked, but we will be able to blend it with some picked earlier to bring the alcohol down to around 13.4%, similar to previous years.

    And the flavours are delightful! It’s so good to have some good news after the last two years!

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